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“"In The Kitchen" was in MY kitchen in June and it was blissful having them. I stopped in to see Lenore and Chef Joe and told them the theme I wanted for what was basically a Rehearsal Dinner the night before the reception, except that my daughter and her husband had eloped in February. This was a "meet and greet" evening and we wanted a Jamaican/Mexican theme. Chef Joe came up with the menu and I loved it. They arrived with their staff and unloaded the food, most of which was prepared in their kitchen. They put the finishing touches on it and the presentation was as beautiful as the food was delicious. Truly fabulous food! Everyone raved about it that night....and our family and friends STILL rave about it. I hear about those awesome lobster rolls and the divine mini cupcakes. Their servers were wonderful and very hard-working and pleasant to our guests. It was an absolute pleasure having "In The Kitchen" in my kitchen. I highly recommend them.....FIVE-star catering!“

Sally B. O'Connell, Seminole Landing, North Palm Beach

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What does a Personal Chef do?

A Personal Chef helps people with busy lives eat better, healthier and most importantly – with ease and convenience. Gourmet food is delivered to your home and stored in the refrigerator or freezer based upon your lifestyle needs. Best of all, menus are custom created just for you and unique to your families dining preferences and dietary requirements.

Q. Who needs a Personal Chef?

Families today with jam-packed schedules who are too busy to cook, dislike cooking, or are tired of the hassle and cost of restaurants and take out. Busy individuals, couples and families are hiring personal chefs as schedules become crowded and time more precious.

  • Busy Professionals, couples and individuals
  • Active Families
  • Independent seniors
  • New Parents
  • People on special diets or with special dietary requirements
  • People with weight loss/health optimization goals
  • People recovering from injury or illness
  • People looking to give that one special gift no one else has thought of with a gift certificate
  • When you want to be enjoy (rather than work) your own dinner party
  • Those who do not know how to cook
  • Those who do not like to cook

Q. How does this service work?

First we meet to conduct a detailed food questionnaire and understand your food preferences and any dietary needs. Then, customized menus are researched, developed and created for your approval. Next, we do all of the grocery shopping and meal preparation. Your gourmet dinners are packaged, and delivered ready to enjoy.

Q. How often will I need your services?

Some families need weekly service while for others every other week or even every three weeks works best. It depends on your unique needs. This is a flexible service. After you have tried our service, we can discuss what is right for you.

Q. What does the service cost?

Pricing varies, depending on the number of entrees and servings being prepared. Please call or email for pricing information.

  • The price of the service includes:
  • Client consultation, food questionnaire and menu review
  • Personalized menus research, planning and creation
  • Grocery shopping for the very best, freshest ingredients
  • Cooking, packaging, and delivery
  • Groceries are additional as menus vary with each service

Q. How is the food packaged?

A variety of containers are used depending on the food and client preferences. We discuss this at the consultation. Our containers are microwave able, stackable, refrigerator-freezer friendly, leak-resistant, durable and economical. Food can be packaged in individual or family containers.

Q. How do I get started?

Contact us to schedule a complimentary in-home consultation. We will sit down with you to complete a comprehensive questionnaire detailing your dining preferences, dietary needs and lifestyle requirements. From there, custom menus are created, approved by the client and a service day is scheduled.

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